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Conduct Guidelines and Rules!
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Old 03-15-2002, 08:56 AM
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Conduct Guidelines and Rules!

  • The following is an evolving series or rules for conduct on the Discussion Forums.

  • No source posting!
  • To post or transmit hate speech, harassing content, threats of violence against another member written in a serious manner or joking with a hint of inneuendo will lead to immediate suspension off the web site.
  • No pissing matches. Its fine to disagree, but once a thread has run its course, and degenerated into little more than an insult fest, it will be locked. While this WILL require a judgment call by the ADMIN's & MODERATORs, the members of this site can keep our moderating to a minimum by exercising a little discretion and self- control.
  • Pure trolling. Either to piss someone off or simply for your personal enjoyment. If you're here to cause trouble, it will be a very short stay.
  • To post or transmit commercial or bulk e-mail without the prior written approval
  • To post here or transmit off-topic and/or link to websites; by way of capitolizing on our platform thru our members without the prior written permission or approval of RIPPEDMASS.COM is NOT AUTHORIZED and is prohibited.
  • NO SPAMMING or ADVERTISING of ANY site, reguards to any product(s) your pushing, unless your a PAID advertiser, period! This guideline is for all Companies and Individuals, using our site to make money on! Go spam your crap elsewhere! If you post spam in any form, those posts will be deleted, and you will be permanently banned!
  • No inappropriate pictures. Nudity is acceptable. This means simple adult nudity. If you have to think about posting a picture any where on these Discussion Forums then it's a good bet you SHOULD NOT POST IT. To post or transmit content that is legally obscene or that violates child pornography statutes; that contains graphic depictions of sexual acts, or visual depictions of sexually explicit conduct involving children; or that contains depictions of children, the primary appeal of which is prurient
  • Fraudulent practices or attempts to defraud another will lead to account suspension and banning. This is in direct reference to items offered for sale, trade, or leading someone on as a buyer/seller. NO SCAMMERS!!!!!!!
    This also applies to people posting fabricated lies about another member or business. If you have a real issue, discuss it, but don't make up lies because you're upset with someone. We will not put up with this kind of crap or attitude.
  • To engage in illegal hacking, or transmittal of commercially restricted information.

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