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forex broker
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Old 11-20-2018, 03:37 AM
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forex broker

Money The game under the guise of a forex broker has long been rife. Usually, these fraudsters try to trap investors with the lure of unusually high returns without any risk at all. They even aggressively recruit members with MLM schemes. Therefore, it is very important for us to recognize the signs of a Money trap. This game impersonates a forex broker.توصيات مجانية على العملات
Here are the signs:
Promising a definite return in the amount of tens to hundreds of percent per year.
Keep in mind that the profit from forex trading is uncertain. There is no trading system that is 100% accurate and must succeed in predicting the direction of price movements. The most expert forex traders must at any time experience a failed trade which ends up losing. Forex brokers are aware of this, so they will definitely display risk warnings. However, the Money Game will promise a fixed amount of fantastic returns, as if the trader can harvest profits with just footsteps.
Want to trade our funds, but do not provide a track record.
In general, successful traders trade on their own, but many brokers also provide facilities where we can invest enough, then the funds will be traded by professional traders, and after that we can only harvest profits. A genuine broker will show a track record of how traders are managing our funds by understanding that the future potential can be profitable or loss, while the Money Game will only promise "certain percent profit" only.
It's hard to attract capital.افضل وسيط لتداول العملات
Basically, our money is "only deposited" in forex brokers as trading capital. Because of the nature of capital, the funds can be reduced if your trading loses, and can increase if your trading profit. An honest broker will allow you to withdraw your capital plus profits at any time, and provide many withdrawal facilities, either via Bank Wire or e-Payment. However, Money Games will require a certain tempo, like once every two weeks, once a month or even more before we can withdraw funds.
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Old 11-20-2018, 01:43 PM
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Chỉ 200đ/tin -> 100k dc 500 tin, 0934 150 770 Zalo - 0978 106 552 Zalo ( Ho_ng Mr )

1. Quy trình l_m việc
-> Bạn g_i nội dung cần đăng cho chúng tôi qua: Zalo/ Viber 0934 150 770 / Zallo 0978 106 552 / Email

-> Nội dung bao gồm thông tin bạn muốn rao quảng cáo: nội dung giới thiệu, hình ảnh, link sản phẩm, thông tin liên hệ của bạn ... cố gắng sắp xếp nội dung đăng cho dễ nhìn dễ đọc trước khi g_i qua chúng tôi, hoặc nếu thông tin cần đăng chưa đầy đủ thì chúng tôi sẽ soạn lại dùm bạn

-> Chọn gói rao vặt bên dưới v_ chuyển khoản thanh toán trước v_o t_i khoản của ThietKeWebChuyen.Com:

Agribank - Chi nhánh S_i Gòn
Chủ tk : Hồ Hòang Anh
Số tk : 1600.205.230.224 ( chi nhánh S_i Gòn)
DongABank- Chi nhánh Tp.HCM
Chủ tk : Hồ Hòang Anh
Số tk : 010.956.4403
Vietcombank-Chi Nhánh Tp.HCM
Chủ tk: Hồ Hòang Anh
Số tk: 007.1000.957.266.
( Nội dung chuyển tiền chỉ cần ghi số điện thoại hoặc tên web )

-> Tin sẽ đăng v_ bạn sẽ nh_n được file báo cáo tương ứng với thời gian ghi trên gói đăng tin bạn chọn. DANH SÁCH WEBSITE ĐĂNG TIN LÀ DANH SÁCH CHÚNG TÔI CÓ SẴN, KHÔNG NHẬN ĐĂNG THEO WEBSITE YÊU CẦU BÊN NGOÀI CỦA QUÝ KHÁCH

Chi ph_: 200đ/tin, tương ứng

Gói 1: 1000 tin giá 200,000đ, g_i báo cáo sau 1 ng_y

Gói 2: 2500 tin giá 500,000đ, g_i báo cáo sau 2-3 ng_y

Gói 3: 5000 tin giá 1,000,000đ, g_i báo cáo sau 5-7 ng_y, tặng miện ph_ thêm 500 tin

Gói 4: 15.000 tin giá 3,000,000đ, g_i báo cáo sau 15-17 ng_y, tặng miễn ph_ thêm 2,000 tin

Liên hệ: ThietKeWebChuyen. Com/ 0934 150 770 ( Zalo, Viber ), 0978 106 552 Zalo, hohoanganh20588 @ gmail .com

2-3 ng_
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