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Getting Ripped with Synthetek
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Old 04-13-2016, 09:46 AM
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Getting Ripped with Synthetek

This is my new log showing everything I train, eat and take over the next few months. I am going to put everything I have into this so plan to really transform my physique in a relatively short time. My aim is to basically get as lean as possible whilst still eating a healthy and well balanced diet. I will start with a decent amount of carbs but everything will be 100% clean. Over time I will lower overall carbs and implement carb cycling with the number of very low days increasing.

Over the next month my diet will consist of chicken/turkey breast, Synthepure, EAA's/bcaa's, beef, eggs, fruits (various berries, apples, bananas, oranges, pineapple, mango), oats, jasmine rice, pasta, almond butter, cashew butter, extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, bifidus yoghurt and various greens (spinach, broccoli, kale, romain lettuce etc).

Over time I will take away many of the carbs especially the fruit apart from the berries (blueberries, blackberries and raspberries).

Hormones are currently 500mg test per week and I just added in 50mg adrol pre workout. 2moro I will add in 40mg dbol per day split 20-20. Next week I will likely add in tren e at 200mg per week and slowly move up to a max of 600mg per week (if I think ok at that dose). I will lower the test to 400mg for the majority of the contest then taper that down near to the end. I plan to add in avar at some point starting at 50mg per day. At the moment I am using 12.5mg MK-677 per day and plan to keep that in for most of the contest. I have 6 vials of 5mg cjc 1295 with dac and will add that in soon and run it for approx 8 weeks. I will also start some MT2 to help me get a bit darker and for it's other benefits (appetite suppression, slin sensitivity, darken facial hair and sexual benefits).

I will be starting a Syntherol chest cycle very soon and will begin at 0.5ml in 9 spots in each pec and increase the volume over time. I also plan to use Syntherol in other muscles to help keep fullness and give them that extra "pop" as I diet down.

From tomorrow Synthetine and Syntheselen will be dosed at 6ml each per day dosed 3ml pre workout and 3ml in the evening. This combo is amazing for fat loss and vascularity so I expect great things. Synthergine will be used for the next 3 months to help keep my liver healthy so I can make the best gains possible.

Training will be a mixture of everything. Very high volume as I simply love it. Although I will be watching the weight over time as the last thing I want is to get injured especially as the risk gets higher the leaner I become. Guys may know I have really bad lower back issues so I work around them. I will also use common sense when training chest during my Syntherol cycle to avoid any possible issues. That means limited poundage but lots of squeezing and basically making every rep as hard as possible. I have just started doing cardio so will carry that on and increase duration over time.

I had my gf take pics earlier on. We are moving apartments next week but I didn't want to wait that long to get pics done. Here it is very awkward and thats why all my recent pics tend to be in my small bathroom. It's a studio and the main room has one light over a fixed table and it's fairly dull so it's pointless getting pics taken in there.

These are genuinely the best pics out of all she took :o Would I fuck post up the others. Some make my arms look tiny and my legs like I have never trained them. I guess that's common when you are 6ft 2 and not 300 pounds. The newspaper is the weekedn edition. I picked up another but they wanted $8.50 for a newspaper I can't even read :o:D Here are my starting pics...
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Old 04-13-2016, 10:00 AM
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I am the opposite of arrogant but pics do not do me justice at all. It's definitely harder in pics alone when you are tall. I guess it just shows how important posing and camera angles are because in some pics my arms look about 14 inches :o:D I don't like how small my hamstrings look either and I abuse them. I got my calves up to 18.5 inches with Syntherol but in some pics they look about 12 :o My back double bi-cep is horrible too. I have some acne scarring from stupidly leaving acne in the past so that's why I never usually post back pics. I haven't measured my quads but they were 28 inches a while back and they look shit in some pics. Regardless of all of that I hope in 3 months times I am going to impress a lot of people because I am a man on a mission :)
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Old 04-13-2016, 10:07 AM
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Earlier I trained legs and had a great workout. Prewrkout I used 3ml Syntheselen and 3ml Synthetine and 50mg adrol. It's great to be back on the combo and I have noticed a difference straightaway in regards to energy and vascularity. The Genotec adrol is super strong and my 3rd tab so far. I am made up as it's hard to find good adrol and this has me pumped up like to the max during training. It is giving me acid reflux issues and I just had a minor nose bleed so I need to monitor both. My leg session consited of:

Leg Press calf presses... about 10 sets of 20-10 reps with stretches between every set.
Tibialis DB Raises on a flat bench... 4 sets of 40-20 reps going up to a 34kg db.
Hip Adductor supersetted with Hip Abductor... 5 sets of 20-15 reps for each rotating with no rest between all 10 sets.
Seated Leg Curls... started with 40, 30 then 20 reps. Moved onto approx 15-10 reps for 4 sets with heavy weight with 25-15 partials after each set. Supersetted the last 2 sets with sumo stance leg press pushing with my heels for 2 sets.
Horizontal Leg Press... 3 sets of 20 reps supersetted with 3 sets of walking lunges with 12kg db's.
Squats holding a db elevated on 2 foot platforms (can't do barbell squats due to me lower back)... 2 sets of 20 reps then 1 final set with 34kg db for 40 reps then 19 (complete failure) reps with my bodyweight.
Leg extension... 1 quick set after the above with light weight just to kill me off... 15 very slow reps.

The above really took it out of me. Most was hard training but I only really pushed it during the leg curls and final set of squats with leg extensions. Sometimes I can overdo it and can't walk properly for 1 week so this is a happy medium... no walking properly for 3 days max :D

I have trained 3 days in a row so 2moro will be an off day and just spent resting and concentrating on getting lots of good food in. I will start prepping my meals 2moro. 3 meals will be chicken/turkey with rice or pasta so those are ideal to do. Most of my other meals I want to cook fresh due to taste (eggs, oats etc).
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Old 04-13-2016, 10:13 AM
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Things are going good. My diet is pretty much how I have been eating for the last few months without any of the bad stuff. I think just taking away the bad things plus adding in cardio will be enough for the next few weeks. So no burger and fries or no bowls of cereal... they have been replaced with lean protein and greens/salad.

As I go along I will start to lower calories and increase protein. Right now though my carbs are fairly high. I am doing little things such as my breakfast on training days will be whole eggs, salad and bread but on non training days no bread. I have been meaning to mention bread. The breads from my local bakery over here are great quality, full of protein and fibre and I digest them very well. So I will be keeping it in for the next month but sure when I lower carbs they will be one of the first things to go.

I eat 2 meals before going to the gym and they will stay the same for the next month. The eggs, salad and bread being first and second will be oats, banana and sticky toffee pudding protein powder mixed in :D After the gym will always be lean protein and jasmine rice. Then the rest of my meals will consist of Synthepure, chicken, turkey, salad, greens, jasmine rice, pasta, sweet potatoes, fruit, bifidus yoghurt, almond butter, cashew butter, EVOO, almonds and eggs. The last 1-2 meals of each day will be protein and fat.

Yesterday I trained back with rear delts and it looked like...

Warm up using cables (straight arm pulldowns, and rows at various angles).
Machine Row... About 7 sets of 15-10 reps going up to 4 plates a side. Full stretch and every rep was paused. Minimal rest between sets.
Hammer Strength Pulldowns... the last 3 sets of the above I supersetted with 15 reps on this.
Machine High Rows... 3 sets of 15 slow reps
Lat Pulldown... about 12 sets of 15-10 reps using 5 different grips (wide grip, medium grip, wide hammer, close underhand, close hammer)
Assisted pullups... 1 set to failure
Machine Low Rows... 3 sets on each side for 20-15 reps
Deadlifts on cable row machine... 4 sets of 20-15 reps
Standing bent over cable rows... 3 sets of 15 reps and 4th set to failure with full weight rack (22 reps).
Cable straight arm pushdowns... 3 sets of aprox 20 reps.
Incline Bench Rear Delt Raises... about 5 set of 20-15 reps going up to 22kg db's. Last set was a drop set using 22kg then 10kg db's.
Rear Delt Raise on the Lateral Raise Machine... 6 set of 15-10 reps
One arm rear delt cable pulls... 3 sets on each side for 20-15 reps
Lower back machine extentions... 3 sets of 20-15 reps
Lower back extensions... 2 sets of 15 reps
Back stretches on mat.

I think about 2 hours duration and I felt great. Today I will be training chest, shoulders and tri-ceps at my mates new gym :) 3ml Synthetine and Syntheselen pre workout plus 50mg adrol and 20mg dbol :)
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Old 04-15-2016, 12:48 PM
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On Wed I trained chest, shoulders and tri-ceps in my mates gym. It's the first time I have trained there so all the equipment is new to me. Same exercises but it's always good using new equipment due to the different feel, tension and angles etc. I trained for an hour and nothing too intense but it's good to have a different gym available to me.

Yesterday I trained legs and that was a whole different story. I bought some fatburner tabs and aminos so added them into the equation. Plus 3ml Synthetine and 3ml Syntheselen and I was ready to go. My workout looked like:

Warm up on stationary bike
Standing Calf Raises in my socks... about 10 sets of 20 to 10 reps going up to full weight rack. I stretched my calves between every set and for the last 3 sets supersetted with bodyweight calf raises.
Calf Extensions... 4 sets of approx 15 reps
Leg Press Calf Press... 8 sets of approx 20-10 reps with partials on the last 2 sets.
Standing Hamstring Curls on Leg Extension Machine... 4 sets of 15 reps for each side.
Lying Leg Curls... about 10 sets of 40 to 10 reps with partials (10-25) on the last 4 sets.
Leg Extensions... 2 sets of 40 and 30 reps
Leg Press... about 15-20 sets of 40 to 8 reps... super intense and various rest pause sets.
Leg Extensions... 3 sets of 20-15 slow reps killling off my legs.
I only ever train legs at this gym and it has 2 great ab machines so I always end with about 5 sets on each machine.
Finished with leg and back stretches on a mat.

I was destroyed after legs and after my post workout meal I ended up going to bed early. Today is an off day and letting my body recovery. I have noticed major improvements in recovery since starting Synthetine and Syntheselen.
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Old 04-18-2016, 01:40 PM
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I didn't train over the weekend as my back felt very tight plus I needed the rest. My knees have also starting hurting me but nothing major. I will adjust things in regards to leg training to prevent it becoming a big issue. Life has been busy and stressful recently but all is good. We have the keys to our new apartment so very happy. It's not nice from the outside but much bigger inside and the location is great so I am very happy. It's unfurnished so we have to buy everything for it. On Sat we bought a fridge, oven and bed so the basics are covered.

Most days have been 3ml Synthetine and 3ml Syntheselen but that will be 6ml of each from today. I planned to start 6ml yesterday but ended up leaving the gym due to my back etc. Synthergine is helping a lot but the adrol has still lowered my appetite slightly... I guess that is a good thing.

Hormones are still 500mg test per week with 50mg adrol and 20mg dbol per day. I will up the dbol to 40mg soon. I have test c and tren e to add in very soon. I probably should have got test p and tren a but the less pinning will suit me. I haven't used test c for ages but my body seems to like it so I picked that. I also got some avar to add in at a later day. I should have got some mast so I will probably order some and start it at a later date. Due to the late addition I will get mast p.

I received some supplements recently. Here is a pic...

2 Amino Complex without stimulants and 2 with stimulants (300mg caffeine per 2 scoops). I will be using the standard one throughout the day to give me a steady flow of aminos and keep me hydrated. The other one will be consumed during training to give keep energy levels high and again the steady supply of aminos and hydration. I also got a bag of sticky toffee pudding flavoured whey to go in my morning oats.

I decided to get a standard fat burner just incase I ever need a boost in the day. It was mainly bought for my gf though as she wanted to try something to give her energy and it does just that. I used 2 caps before training legs the other day and I was wired and really focused. NitroExtreme is a pump product which I definitely don't need but just figured I would add it in pre workout. I love HBCD's but they had none (or Vitargo) so I got some dextrose. It's costs next to nothing and figured it's good to have on hand as I have no carb powders. I used 50g the other day in my aminos when I trained legs. I will probably have 50g intra workout every time I train legs. I also added some red fruit powder just for added anti oxidants.

I take a small amount of health supplements and wanted to add a good multi vitamin and some fish oil to the list. Plus coconut oil, cashew butter and almond butter for more good fats in my diet. Quite a lot of my meals recently have been lean protein (usually Synthepure) with 1 table spoon of nut butter.

So far today I have had a Synthepure shake and 1 tablespoon of cashew butter just after waking. Then later 5 whole eggs with salad and one small piece of baguette. Pre workout will be oats with banana and sticky toffee protein powder mixed in. I will be training chest and back today and supersetting both for every set. My back is still very tight but feels better and I know today will be a good one. Not mentioned this but I have been suffering from severe tinnitus recently and it is better today so a big bonus. For the last 2 weeks I have been near deaf for large parts of the day. Sometimes for the first few hours of a day I have been completely deaf and can't hear my gf talk to me so it's had it's benefits :D
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Old 04-19-2016, 12:42 AM
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My lower back has been so tight today. The dbol and adrol have definitely added to things. I need to watch out for the lower back pumps. When my lower back gets pumped so easily it makes it more sensitive whilst lifting. Today I got to the gym and was in two minds but decided to train back and chest. My lower back felt really bad but the longer I trained the better it become. I ended up having a great training session. Pre workout I dosed 3ml Synthetine and Syntheselen with 50mg adrol and 20mg dbol. I had a nespresso before leaving and my intra shake consisted of 20G Aminos and 300mg caffeine. I sipped on my intra shake so the caffeine was drank throughout my training session. I like this approach as I had sustained energy throughout and was able to really push it. My training looked like...

Warm up with db's
Machine Hammer Rows supersetted with Machine Presses... 5 sets of 15-10 reps going up in weight for each. Ended up with 4 plates a side for each.
Machine Incline Presses supersetted with Hammer Strength Lat Pulldowns... 5 sets of 15-10 reps going up in weight for each. For the last 2 sets I added a 3rd superset sitting backwards on the lat pulldown.
Machine Flyes... 6 sets of 20-10 reps going up then down in weight. I couldn't superset these as the gym was very busy at this point.
Machine One Armed Rows... 4 sets of 15 reps going up in weight and really squeezing and a full stretch on every rep.
Incline Chest Press... 1 set of 40 slow reps.
Lat Pulldown... close overhand grip... 5 sets of 20-10 reps going up in weight. Then I stood up with one foot on seat and done 3 sets of cable lat rows using this machine.
Incline DB Flyes... 3 sets of 15 reps finishing with hold to failure on each set in the fully stretched position.
Floor Presses... 3 sets of 15-10 reps with drop set on final set... 3, 2 and 1 plates.
Back Extensions... 2 sets of 15 reps.
Abs and back stretches for about 15 mins
20 mins cardio on exercise bike.

Yes a lot of volume but I love it :)

Today I have ate...

Synthepure with 1 table spoon of cashew butter
5 whole eggs, salad and 1 small piece of baguette
Oats, banana and sticky toffee pudding whey mixed in.
Intra shake with 20g aminos.
Chicken with pasta.
Chicken with some pasta and vegetables.
Turkey, mixed vegetables and 1 spoon of almond butter.

Today I have also drank aminos in water between meals.

I will be buying a new nutribullet soon so will start having a 1-2 Synthepure and mixed berry smoothies per day. I don't like not having fruit in my diet and berries are very low carbs and full of anti-oxidants so will be used a lot over the next 2 months. I have 3 fish (2 cod and 1 salmon) in the fridge so will be having those for a change 2moro. I am not a big fan of fish so mainly have chicken and turkey but I like to change things up every so often. Just having 1 tablespoon of the cashew butter is a struggle as it's amazing :D
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Old 04-22-2016, 09:36 PM
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They cut my internet off because I am moving apartments and they thought I didn't live here anymore. It's been a nightmare trying to get it back on. Something so simple yet they made it impossible. So I have bought a pay as you go internet using an usb stick until the internet is fitted in my new apartment. It only cost me $100 for 20 days :o... idiots. I didn't want my log to go to shit though so it was worth it.

Training has been great but I have been overdoing things. I will cut down on training volume a little over the next month. Today is a rest day as I trained legs yesterday. My diet has been good but I have ate out a few times recently. I have had to go to the new apartment for deliveries and the wiring for the internet to be fitted etc. I was there for 5 hours today and there is no fridge or oven so I ate out a few times. Nothing bad but things I didn't plan on having during the contest. I will just be more organized from now on.

I have tigthened up over the last 2 weeks and can already see improvements. I added in tren e 2 nights ago. I only dosed 50mg and will do the same next dosing to make 100mg for the first week. I figured it's best I get it in my system now as it needs time to build up. I can be sensitive to trens effects so I like to gradually up the dose each week. I should have used tren a like usual but I wanted to pin as little as possible. That's the reason I also picked test c too as I didn't want to pin test p everyday. So all my aas will be dosed twice weekly. I pin my Synthetek products daily so wanted to keep the aas down.

CJC-DAC was added in last night at 2.5mg and wow it hit me hard. I got really flushed and felt tighteness in my neck etc. That's a great sign so hopefully that only adds to things. I will be dosing it at 5mg per week for most of the competition. I will probably taper the last vial so it lasts about 7 weeks instead of 6 (I have 6x 5mg vials).

On Tuesday I trained shoulders and had planned to train tri-ceps too. However, during training I figured I would train arms the next day instead. I never train arms in their own day so it made a good change. Shoulder training lasted about 1 hour and was very intense and productive. Arms on Wed lasted about 1 1/2 hours and consisted of rotating tri-ceps and bi-ceps and ending with forearms. My arms definitely looked much fuller and better the next day. Yesterday was legs and that lasted 2 1/2 hours. I tried some barbell hack squats for a change and they felt ok but I was worried about my back so kept them light. I did feel them in my quads lots though and stuck to 20-15 rep sets without pushing it too much. The rest of my leg training was moderate in weight but very intense.

I am about to dose 3ml Synthetine and Syntheselen and eat a meal of chicken and salad. My pre bed meal will be 5 whole eggs with salad or a Synthepure shake with almond butter. I am enjoying me new supplements and have a good system in place. 2moro will be chest and bi-ceps and the next day (probably Monday) will be back and tri-ceps. Have a good day everyone :)
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Old 04-24-2016, 11:14 PM
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I am on my gf's parents laptop. I was told that usp pen would last 5 days so I topped it up to last 20 days. 3 hours later it goes off stating I had no credit. So it cost me $100 for 3 hours of internet :o I got my money back today for the pen but couldn't for the top up. They think someone hacked into my usage as they couldn't understand why it was used up so fast. It's a waste anyway so now I don't have the internet. I am getting a temp one for free from my internet provider as they messed up in the first place. I won't have that until Tuesday or so.

Today was a rest day but still busy. I spent most of it cleaning the new apartment and the fridge was delivered too. We are moving all of our stuff in 2moro so should be living there from then. The next gym day will be Monday and I am looking forward to it. I am still going strong even with all the changes. But it will be good to be in our new place and in a new routine so I can get the best possible results. The new area looks great but I still need to check out (find) the local gym. If it's not good enough I can still travel to my old gym though.

I will now have a balcony so I am going to buy an exercise bike and do morning fasted cardio with Synthetine and nespresso :D. That alone should bring about great fat loss results :)
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Old 05-03-2016, 01:10 AM
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I still have no oven so very awkward but things are good. I have been eating out a lot but go with the healhier options and restricted carbs. I am just looking at these 2 weeks as a minor obstacle and once things are sorted it will be smooth sailing :) I still don't have the internet either but using another computer so can post this.

Yesterday I trained calves, back and tri-ceps for approx 2 hours and it felt great. The workout was mainly back and I performed a variety of rows and pulldowns. I managed to get 7 rows with 5 plates a side on hammer rows so my strength is slightly down from a few months ago but still ok. I mainly kept the weight moderate for most movements but for machine rows and pulldowns everything was high but controlled. I was out all day so actually dosed my Synthetine and Syntheselen post workout for a change. I dosed both before having chicken and rice with an iced tea drink.

I am travelling to the UK for a few days but will be training over there. Unfortunately I can't take any of my Synthetek products or aas as I only have hand luggage. Once I am back I will be hitting everything full on and really trying to transform my physique over the 2 months. My next workout should be chest and bi-ceps but I may add in a few machines I don't have over here as I will be in a new gym. Have a good day everyone.
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Old 05-03-2016, 01:19 AM
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I am back from my trip to the UK. Not gonna lie I am nowhere where I want to be. But will be transforming over the last 2 months. Life has been chaotic with lots of changes etc. The oven has still not been delivered so I brought a cooked chicken earlier and been eating that with salad and some nut bread. My diet will be perfect for the next 2 months and I plan to stay here so no travelling or changes so I can stick to a set routine.

I have tren e so I am gonna bump up the dose to 200mg per week and inject it 1/2ml twice weekly. I may even double it to 400mg the week after next due to time remaining etc. I have been using 50mg adrol and 20mg dbol per day but will make sure it is 40mg dbol from now on. I will also bump up my test to 750mg per week but plan to stop that at 3 weeks out.

I am waiting on some Synthepure to arrive and I will buy a new nutribullet so I can start my fruit smoothies again. I feel so much healthier when using them and they are a great and easy way to make sure I get my protein and anti-oxidants in. I also want to buy an exercise bike soon for morning cardio too. Literally it is full steam a head now and loads of training and cardio.

Synthetine and Syntheselen will be restarted at 6ml each per day from 2moro too. Customs sent my needles back as they are idiots but once I have them I will be starting my Syntherol cycle.

One of the first things I done when getting back was have a big sip from my Synthergine bottle. This newer bottle tastes different. It tastes finer and more watery than my older bottles. I don't mind the taste as I know all the good it does for my body.

When I trained on Sat it was mainly machines and lots of upper body with calves for 1 hour. I like to make use of machines I don't have here when in the UK. Therefore I concentrated on seated calf raise, machine pullovers, reverse pec deck, wide grip back row (unique feel to it) and cable crossovers.

The day I left when I was packing my suitcase my back decided to go which was annoying. It wasn't majorly bad but it's been sore all weekend so I used ibuprofen to help with the inflammation. I have been doing a lot of back extensions and rope ab crunches so that will be thanks to those. It feels ok now so I know just to be careful in certain positions.

2moro will be legs and I look forward to it. I will include hip and glute work and keep it fast paced and not go overboard with the weight. Pre workout will be 3ml Synthetine/Syntheselen, 50mg adrol and 20mg dbol. I bought flex magazine to read on the plane and it come with a Warrior pre workout so I will try that 2moro too.
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Old 05-03-2016, 03:51 PM
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We phoned the company we bought the oven from and they are saying they can't deliver it until the 17th May :o We could go and pick another one instead but it will still have to be delivered etc. Very annoying but nothing major but it makes things harder. We had planned to buy a microwave not that I would ever use it much but I will definitely be buying one today or 2moro. I can cook oats, steamed rice and vegetables in the microwave for the next 2 weeks. Plus I can buy cooked chicken breast and put it in tupperware. Plus Synthepure and my flavoured whey too. I will also get a few bifidus yoghurts and fruit etc. I also have peanut and almond butter so I will be gtg.

Gonna go to the shops now and then get ready for the gym. Have a good day everyone :)
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Old 05-04-2016, 11:58 AM
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My back was feeling tight yesterday so I decided just to do cardio and lots of stretching which I think is the first time I have ever been to the gym and not lifted weights. I performed a movement to stretch my psoas muscle I should be doing all the time but have been guilty of stopping. I will start doing it everyday from now on. I would try and post a video but can't as I have limited internet usage at the moment and videos/you-tube are no good. I sit on a mat and roll up a towel or use a foam roller and put it behind me. I bend my legs but have my feet planted on the floor. I am sat up and I basically just have to move my back slowly down until my upper back touches (gently) the towel/roller and I move back up again. The further you put the towel/roller back on the mat the harder it is. This movement is very hard to perform and I recommend it to everyone... weak back or not. My back was so weak I could barely perform the movement when I first tried last year. I am also going to buy a rumble roller and start using that on my lower back everyday. I just want to keep my lower back injury free.

Gonna eat now and get ready for the gym. I am training with my gf today and trying out a new gym so I hope they have some good leg machines. I will take 3ml Synthetine/Syntheselen and 50mg adrol 20mg dbol pre workout today. I am feeling good and my back is much looser today so things should be good.

Just adding I am probably having 3 nespresso's per day now just to keep fat burning high and give me lots of energy. The tren is definitely kicking in as I was in a shop yesterday and the sweat started. It's really bad as I will get home and the t-shirt I have on under my jacket is soaked through and it isn't even hot outside :o:D
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Old 05-04-2016, 11:54 PM
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I just trained legs in a new gym. It's the same company just in a new location. Therefore all of the equipment was the same but it wasn't as big as my other gym. Most of the gyms have one or 2 unique pieces of equipment but this one didn't and just had the basic leg machines. It's only a 5 min walk from my new apartment so I will probably train there most days from now on. My leg training looked like:

Leg Extensions... warm up sets with 10kg on the stack.
Horizontal Leg Press Calf Raises... about 6 sets of 15 reps going up in weight each set.
Leg Press Calf Presses... about 10 sets of 30 to 12 reps with 3-6 plates a side and minimal rest in between sets. In the 20-30 secs between sets I would stretch my calves.
DB Tibialis Raises on a flat bench... 14kg db for 50 reps, 24kg db for 40 reps and 36kg db to failure (didn't count but over 30 reps).
Standing Hamstring Curls using Leg Extension Machine... 3 sets on each side for 20-15 reps with static holds.
Seated Leg Curls (leaning forwards) supersetted with sumo stance ley press pushing with heels... 3 sets of 15 reps for each going up in weight every set.
Hip Abductor... 4 sets of 25 to 15 reps going up in weight every set and minimal rest (10-15 secs between sets).
Hip Adductor... 5 sets of 25 to 15 reps going up in weight every set and minimal rest (10-15 secs between sets).
Leg Extensions... about 7 sets of 15 reps using low-moderate weight and changing rep speeds and using static holds etc. Minimal rest between sets.
Leg Press... about 8 sets of 15 slow and controlled reps using different foot positions (all low but using feet together, duck feet, medium stance and wide apart). I only used 4 plates a side but this was a killer as rest between all sets was 10-15 secs.
DB squats... 3 sets of 15 reps going up in weight. On the last set I dropped the db and performed bodyweight squats to complete failure.
Then I done some leg and back stretches and decided to do a little abs.

About 62 sets total for legs with lots of added stretches and ab work in about 2 hours.

My legs are sore now but I feel great. I bought a microwave before so that will be useful until the oven is delivered. I can now cook oats in the morning and do steamed rice and vegetables etc. Obviously when I get the oven the microwave will barely be used. It's good to see my new apartment filling up gradually though.

2moro I am thinking shoulders, arms and cardio and I can't wait. I am going to push my body to it's limits over the next 2 months :)

I am hoping to start my Syntherol cycle in about 1 weeks time and I will provide pics and any useful info I come across during my cycle.
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Old 05-05-2016, 01:21 PM
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My gf decided to tell me last night how everywhere is closed here today. I quickly went to a local shop (tiny) and bought some canned tuna and a few bananas as that was pretty much all they had. I am not a fan of tuna but it was really nice with some salad, lemon juice and a olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. I am running low on food but one shop is open today in the train station so I will go food shopping soon. Although all the gyms are closed today so it's a forced off day. Probably for the best as my legs are very sore but I feel good. 2moro I will train shoulder and arms with cardio.

There is a high protein bread they do over here full of seeds and fibre with little carbs so I will using that quite alot over the next few weeks. I need to order more cashew and almond butter too.

I sweat loads last night in my sleep so the tren is definitely building up. I have leaned out quite a lot in the few days (I needed to) so things are looking much better. I have been up over an hour but haven't eaten yet just had an espresso and 12.5mg MK-677. Gonna have a Synthepure protein shake with one tablespoon of almond butter and then go to the shops.

Have a good day everyone.
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Old 05-06-2016, 02:22 AM
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My legs are sore today :D Things are good and I am looking forward to training 2moro. I am going to incorporate lots of drops sets into my shoulder and arm training. I had more carbs today in the form of 2 bowls of oats (with banana), bifidus yoghurt and some mandarins and pineapple. As I have no oven yet I bought a chicken salad and was starving. I dropped the whole thing on the kitchen floor. I wouldn't usually but there was no way I was not eating it so put it all back in and devoured it :o:D I have just drank 1 scoop of aminos in 1.5 litres of water. My last meal will just be a protein shake with a handful of cashews.

I started developing some acne last month but it seems to have disappeared. I had already ordered accutane and received so will be running it at 20mg per day just to make sure. I have suffered from acne on my back in recent years using less gear than I used to when I was acne free. The 20mg should do wonders for me. I started using it a few nights ago and I wake up feeling awful for a short time. I have used it before but that side effect is new to me. I will be upping my Synthergine dose to 5ml per day (2.5ml x2) to compensate for the 50mg adrol, 40mg dbol and 20mg accutane.
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Old 05-07-2016, 02:58 AM
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I was really low on energy today and had to force myself to go the gym. It's the MK-677 so I am gonna drop it back down to 6.25mg per day. The few days break I had in the UK reduced my tolerance and I dosed approx 18mg yesterday and 16mg today and there is no way I can do that again. I struggled just walking around today and everything was a struggle. The fact I underestimated my leg soreness didn't help either. They were even worst today and I am struggling to stand from a seated position. I still had a great training session though and pushed it hard. I tried DMAA for the first time and it felt great but was very short lived so I was disappointed as I expected it to be stronger. I trained shoulders and arms for about 1 hour...

Warm up with db's using a variety of front/side raises and shrugs.
Standing Barbell Shoulder Press (front supersetted with behind the neck)... 4 sets of 25-15 reps with the bar, 10kg a side, 20kg and 30kg. With the last set I rested about 15 seconds between front to back as I struggled with those reps.
Cable Lateral Raises (supersetted cables from front to back)... 3 sets of 15 reps (6 sets total) going up in weight each set.
Not even sure what these are called. You get two db's and imagine you are doing a double bi-cep pose with your palms facing in front of you. Now you lower your forearm down 90 degrees so palms are facing the floor. Does anyone know what these are called? I love them and have done this movement for ages. 4 sets of 15 reps with the final set being a drop set.
Hammer Strength Shoulder Press... 4 sets of 20 reps (supersetted wide and narrow grip for 10 reps each) going up to 60kg a side. I struggled with the 60kg a side so I know my strength is down from a few months ago :o On the final set on the 2nd set of 10 reps I think I got 4 so had to rest to get the other 6 reps.
Shrugs on the above machine... 1 set of 30 reps with 60kg a side... holding the top position for as long as possible on the final rep.
Lateral Raise machine... 1 set of 50 reps with 45kg... burn :o
DB Tri-cep Extensions (2 positions) supersetted with seated db curls and hammer curls... 15 reps of each (60 reps total) for 2 sets going up in weight then 10 reps of each (40 reps total) with more weight.
Tri-cep Rope Extensions supersetted with Cable Bi-cep Curls... 3 sets of 15 reps for each.
Cable Forearms Twists... 2 sets of 25 reps
Barbell Tri-cep Extension... 1 set of 20 reps
DB Hammer Curls... 1 set of 20 reps
Tri-cep Extension Machine... 1 set of 50 reps with 40kg
Bi-cep Curl Machine... 1 set of 50 reps with 25kg. I started with 35kg but soon realized no chance as it felt heavy on this machine. So I quikcly lowered to 25kg. I still failed on about 40 reps and finished struggling with partials.
Back stretches

My arms haven't been that pumped up in a long time. I had aminos with caffeine intra training. Post workout was chicken breast, prawns, bread and salad. Pre workout was 3ml Synthetine and 3ml Syntheselen. The Syntheselen really stings post injection now but once I train it goes away. I might start putting it in my arms just for a change as my delts get injected everyday now.

I was feeling very flat today. I haven't ate the ridiculous amount of carbs I usually eat for 1 week now so it's definitely had an effect. I am just going to carry on the same as I know I will get leaner and leaner. Once the details start showing I will feel better but right now feel and look much smaller (maybe it's in my head :o). Although I was feeling amazing post workout and the pump was incredible but was short lived :o:D Things are good so I will just carry on as normal. 2moro will be back and chest :)
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Old 05-10-2016, 12:56 AM
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I have managed to sort out a good exercise bike online and it was free delivery so I am happy. It has a max weight of 130kg and gets great reviews so I will be implementing morning fasted cardio as soon as I have it. I managed to do a one stop shop and also bought a 7.5kg db, rumble roller and new training gloves. The db was expensive so I just bought one and will do something like 50 reps each arm rotating for 150 reps (3 sets) each side. I will implementing the arm training everynight and the morning cardio probably 3-6 days per week.

When I have everything my new morning routine will be wake up, take 3IU slin and 6.25mg MK-677. Then take 3ml Synthetine and 3ml Syntheselen and drink a nespresso before doing fasted cardio :)
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Old 05-10-2016, 03:11 AM
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On Sat I trained chest and back for about 1 hour. It was very fast paced and I mainly stuck to machines and had a great workout. I did have a minor issue on the incline barbell press. I was stupid and should have changed the seat position as it was awkward getting the bar back on. I put the right side on the top hook but missed the left side so struggled for a few seconds but got it back up. I won't be making that mistake again and good thing I only had 2 plates a side on the bar. I ended with floor presses which are a new fav for me.

On Sunday I trained calves, rear delts, bi-ceps and forearms. I was rushed for time but wanted to get a workout in. Calves were 10 sets total and 5 sets to failure (approx 30 reps). Rear delts some incline bench db rear delt flyes going up to 18kg db's for high reps. Plus one of my favs using the lateral raise machine backwards. I put the top of my head on the back rest and use my elbows on the pads and it's a great rear delt exercise. That was about 5 sets of 20 to 10 reps going heavy for the lower rep sets. Bi-ceps and forearms was a fast paced mix of cable curls, rope hammer curls, behind the back wrist curls and reverse curls.

Today was a rest day and catching up with various things. I have started adding in canned tuna as it's a cheap source of protein over here (very rare to get things cheap). I have had 2 meals of tuna with lots of salad today. Each one with a very small piece of high fibre bread. I am going to start having 2 tuna meals per day just to keep things a bit cheaper. 2 other meals will be chicken and salad/rice/pasta/bread. Plus an oat meal with flavoured whey protein. Maybe 2 Synthepure meals too... either with berries/pineapple (in a smoothie) or with a tablespoon of cashew/almond butter.

2moro will be abs, hams and quads and some cardio and I am looking forward to it :)
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Old 05-11-2016, 04:11 PM
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I want to train most days but if I am not feeling it I always listen to my body. I would rather have a rest and be able to push it much harder the following day. Yesterday was one of those days so I will be training legs today instead. Although I did get quite a bit of exercise yesterday carrying various things. I bought a table and chair 2 weeks ago and it was available for collection yesterday. I left thinking how heavy could 1 table be plus it's only a 5 min walk away. I get there thinking there would be 2 boxes but there were 3 and 1 weighed 38kg and the other 32kg plus a box for the chair too (about 8kg but unsure). Any way I had to make 2 trips and walk up hill so that was decent training.

Gonna have a pre workout meal of oats, banana and sticky toffee protein powder now. Post workout will be chicken (bought it cooked) and rice (microwave). I will dose 3ml Synthetine and 3ml Syntheselen after my pre workout meal. Then 1 serving of pre workout (pump juice extreme) and 1x 50mg DMAA tablet. I will also have 25g aminos intra training too. Hopefully I get my oven soon so I can cook properly!

I have dropped my adrol and dbol. I dropped the adrol and wanted to carry on with 40mg dbol per day. But the dbol at 40mg is giving me nosebleeds so I figured it's best just stopping both. I will resume the adrol for the final 2 weeks of the transformatiotn contest. Right now my hormones are 500mg test c per week and 300mg tren e per week. I have noticed increased anxiety from the tren e which is annoying as I want to go higher in dose. I will up to 400mg next week and see how I am for 2 weeks at that dose.
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Old 05-12-2016, 01:47 AM
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Earlier I trained hips, glutes, hams, quads and cardio. I don't usually do cardio after legs but I done 10 mins on the hardest setting on the exercise bike so it was like an extension of my weight training (but harder :o). I decided to dose my Synthetine/Syntheselen pre and post workout today for a change. That combo plus 1 scoop of pre workout and 1 tab of DMAA and I looked like I had just jumped in a swimming pool about 30 mins into training :o:D My workout lasted about 2 1/2 hours and looked like...

Warm up on exercise bike for 5 mins.
Hip Abductor... 5 sets of 25-20 reps going up to full weight rack.
Hip Adductor... 5 sets of 25-20 reps going up to full weight rack.
Side Leg Raises... 3 sets of 20 reps for each leg going up in weight.
Glute Raises... 5 sets of 20-15 reps for each side going up in weight to full weight rack.
Glute Raises (slightly different variation)... 1 set of 30 reps for each side.
Standing Leg Curls using Leg Extension Machine... 4 sets of 20-12 reps for each leg going up in weight each set. I incorporated some static holds at the end of the last 2 sets.
Seated Leg Curls... 8 sets of 20-10 reps plus partials on some sets. Some sets included 20-10 partial reps and static holds too.
Sumo Leg Press (pushing with heels)... 5 sets of 20-15 reps going up to 7 plates a side. I don't go heavy on leg press anymore and just try to make every rep as hard as possible.
Leg Press... I added 3 sets of close stance leg press at the end with 3,4, and 5 plates a side for 20 reps.
Horizontal Leg Press... about 8 sets of 20-12 reps using a close stance. Quite a lot of these sets included a short range of motion but really hitting the quads. I would rest 10 secs between sets and I couldn't walk after these.
Leg Extensions... about 15 sets of 21-10 reps... these included all sets of rep schemes, static holds and partials etc. I did do 6 sets of 21's on here nearer to the end going up in weight each set.
Body weight squats... 1 set to complete failure after the extensions (53 reps).
Exercise Bike... 10 mins on the hardest setting.
Back and leg stretches for about 10 mins.

So that's about 76 sets plus the bike and stretching.

My legs are very sore now but feel good. I have been eating more carbs recently for extra energy. Today I have ate...

1. Synthepure shake and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter.
2. Large salad with prawns, crab, eggs, avocado, tomatoe, cheese, blueberries, carrot and cucumber.
3. Oats with banana, peanut butter and sticky toffee pudding protein powder mixed in.
Amino shake intra training.
4. Chicken, basmati rice with spices.
5. Bifidus yoghurt, strawberries, bluberries, pineapple and lemon juice.
6. Tuna with salad drizzled in olive oil and balsemic vinegar.

Pre bed I will have a Synthepure protein shake with some nut butter.

As you can see that diet isn't exactly very restrictive but it's good for my long training and has given me a big boost today. It's still fairly low in calories for me though. However most days will be much more restrictive and many meals will consist of canned tuna with salad so very little calories. The last few days though I have upped things slightly and it felt good. But I will be more restrictive most days. Although the recent inclusion of more fruit will definitely stay as I feel so much better with a variety of fruit in my diet. My fruit will mainly be berries as they are low in calories and full of anti-oxidants. However I also like to have 1 banana per day and pineapple from time to time. I actually have a fresh pineapple in the fridge for 2moro :)

2moro will be calves with upper body but not sure so I will decide closer the time.
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Old 05-13-2016, 02:45 AM
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I am sat up in bed writing on my laptop and my legs are burning :D The tren even at 300mg per week has increased my body temperature throughout the day. The leg training yesterday has only added to things. I was out before and randomly started sweating excessively. I am feeling good now but that was not a good feeling. I was putting on my socks earlier and noticed a big vein going through my calf so that was a welcomed sight.

Earlier I trained calves, chest and tri-ceps. I was rushed for time so didn't do any cardio at the end and had to train tri-ceps really quickly. I still had a great training session that looked like...

Warm up on exercise bike for 2 mins
Horizontal Leg Press Calf Raises... about 10 sets of 20-15 reps going up in weight every few sets. I used a variety of foot positions and rep speeds.
Leg Press Calf Presses... 2 plates a side for 50 reps, 3 plates a side for 40 reps, 4 plates a side for 30 reps, 5 plates a side for 25 reps, 6 plates a side for 15 reps and partials. Then a few more quick sets with 6 plates a side (12-5 reps). Then I dropped to 4 plates and repped to failure, 3 plates to failure and finished with 2 plates to failure. I stretched my calves between every set apart from the drop set.
Warm up with db's
Chest Press Machine... 1 set of 40 reps with normal and hammer grip for 20 reps each. 1 set of 30 reps (15 reps each grip) and 1 set of 20 reps (10 reps with each grip).
Decline Barbell Press... 6 sets of 20-15 reps going up to 3 plates a side.
DB Flat Bench Flyes, Chest Dips (bodyweight) and Machine Flyes... about 12 sets total of 20-10 reps rotating from these 3 exercises in a random order. Although I think it worked out as 4 sets of each exercise.
Hammer Strength Chest Press... about 10 sets of 15-5 reps (wide and narrow grip) going up to 4 plates a side. I supersetted both grips a few times which explains the smaller reps.
Cable Crossover... 1 set of 20 reps
I was rushed for time so I done about 15 sets of tri-ceps using 20-10 reps and rotating various exercises in no particular order with very little rest between the 15 sets. The exercises included one arm tri-cep extensions, overhead barbell extension, rope pushdowns and finished with 1 set of machine tri-cep extensions. For the final exercise I tried for 50 reps but was miles short and got about 20 reps. So I lowered by 1 plate/weight with no rest until I got to 50 reps.

2moro should be back, bi-ceps and forearms.
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Old 05-14-2016, 01:07 PM
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I slept in today and feel good. I didn't train yesterday so hitting back, bi-ceps and forearms today. I am eager to start Syntherol asap. I still have 7 weeks left and I know Syntherol will help transform my physique and I only need 1 month on for it to do that. My chest is looking much better from training alone but Syntherol will really add to the fullness whilst consuming restricted calories/carbs. This next 7 weeks will include my biggest changes so I just have to stay focused and injury free.

2moro I will be training legs and shoulders. I am gonna start training most body parts for 20-30mins multiple times per week. Once I put Syntherol in my chest it will be a lot of chest "pump" workouts. Time to have some oats, banana and cookies and cream protein powder. Then take my Synthetine/Syntheselen shots and head to the gym. As I am training back and due to past problems with pump pre workouts and back I am going to have 1 DMAA tab and a nespresso pre training.
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Old 05-15-2016, 03:56 AM
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I had a great workout today but it was cut short. My gf was attacked in work and was scared to walk home. Some idiot started shouting in her shop and abusing customers then started shouting about allah and how people deserved to die in the recent terror attacks. She tried to get him to get out so he shouted at her then a shopper (woman) told him to get out and he attacked and punched her. He told my gf he would be coming back for her. The 2 male workers hid in the back as all of this was going so which is just bad. She is fine and stuff like that happens quite a lot but she wanted me to come and get her so of course I did.

My back workout lasted about 30 mins and it was great. I had planned to train arms and of cardio but obviously that never happened. Thed DMAA and caffeine really hit me hard today and I pushed it. Lots of varied weight and high intensity and some unusual movements such as one armed lat pulldowns. You hold the bar with both hands as normal but only bring one arm down. I pull with my elbow and get a great contraction with my lats doing this movement. I went very heavy with some shrugs which was probably stupid of me. I done 6 plates a side for 10 reps. It was more my grip that failed first than my traps. 6 plates is too much and the range of motion is not optimal (still fine though) but with 5 plates a side much better. It felt good to lift some heavy weights though but it's asking for trouble so I will be careful. 2moro I will be training shoulders and legs as planned and looking forward to it.

My oven should be delivered on Thurs so I can finally start cooking. I have a microwave but mainly just do oats and rice in that. I haven't had eggs in ages as I don't like cooking them in the microwave. Anyway they have some weird looking hard boiled eggs in the supermarkets here so I figured I would finally try them out. They taste lovely but just regular hard boiled eggs. I have had 1 cut up egg in 2 salads today with some chicken too. Here is a pic...
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