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Thank you! No hcg post cycle. I will wait for my next cycle and use the hcg during it. That was a great read. I read the entire thread and below is a thread that you shared with everyone on PM about reconstituting hcg.

"This site states (in BOLD) that reconstituted hcg will be kept stable for 60 days in fridge ."

If you look at that website a little more it listed when reconstituted each vial contains such and such. At the very bottow of the list, benzyl alcohol was listed. Therefore they are using Bacteriostatic water instead of plain sterile water for reconstituting the powder. However, I looked at IP's website and they recommend not using Bacteriostatic water because it alters the pH of the hcg that they produce. It just happens that the hcg I got a hold of is IP's generic pregnyl.

Have you ever heard of "altering the pH" before with hcg? What do you recommend that I do.

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