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How to mastrbate without toys men
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How to mastrbate without toys men

Does a vacum work for male masturbation

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Testicular torsion -
Testicular torsion
What is torsion
testicular? Testicular torsion is a problem that
produces infrequently (in 1 in 4,000 men under 25),
but with potential important consequences. Adolescence is the time of
increased risk (15-16 years), although it can occur in newborns and in
The testicles are anchored of
a very lax form in the scrotum and, rarely, they twist.
testicles are fed by blood vessels that,
along with the nerves and ducts that carry the
sperm (deferents), go through the cord
sperm from the abdominal cavity to the scrotum. The testicles are
they are anchored in a very loose way in the scrotum and, rarely,
they twist (rotate on their longitudinal axis), so that it can remain
blocked the blood flow to the testicles, first that of the veins and,
later, that of the arteries, which is the one that can compromise survival
of the testicle.
What does it feel to suffer a testicular torsion?
Children with testicular torsion suffer pain and inflammation
Sudden scrotum. The testicle begins to hurt intensely, in such a way
so that it even causes nausea and vomiting. We must distinguish it from a
testicular infection (orchioepididymitis
acute), which can produce similar symptoms, because if
try a twist, it is essential to apply the treatment so
Diagnosis is more difficult in new children
born, since it can appear only as a mass in the scrotum with
few accompanying symptoms
How is torsion diagnosed?
Inquiries to
See our section 'Ask the doctor' and read
Numerous queries from our users:
Testicle in
The symptoms and the
Scanning are the key to diagnosis. In case of doubt, you can request
Doppler ultrasound of the scrotum, to indicate if
arterial irrigation is present in the testicles. However, the most
In case of doubt, it is advisable to perform a surgical examination.
How is torsion treated?
testicular? The recommended treatment is the intervention
immediate surgery, ideally before six hours, after
beginning of pain, to minimize the chances of the
testicle suffers a major injury.
Through a
small incision in the scrotum (more frequent) or in the groin, the
testicle and it is checked if there is torsion. Since it is an intervention of
Short duration and with a very low risk, it is advisable to carry it out in case
that there are doubts about the diagnosis, because a delay greater than 24 hours
It can even lead to loss of the testicle. In case it is checked
torsion, this is eliminated, and blood circulation to the testicles
It is normal again. To prevent torsion from occurring again, the
Testicles are sutured (testicular fixation) to the inner part of the scrotum. Is
It is convenient to fix the other testicle in the same surgical act.
Know more
Want to know more? See our 'Urology' section and read
numerous related articles, among which we suggest:
Nodules and tumors
Most frequent urological problems
Prior to the intervention, the
manual detortion, which is only effective in one in five patients and usually
require analgesic medication or even sedation of the patient.
In cases where blood circulation has been obstructed
for a prolonged period, it may even be necessary to remove the
testicle. The operation is called an orchiectomy. If only one is removed
testicle, the ability to reproduce does not have to be affected, when
same as the production of testosterone (main male hormone). In
In these cases, the placement of a prosthesis (implant) in the
testicle, to restore body image.
Dr. Per Grinsted, general practitioner. Dr. John Macfarlane, specialist in Urological Surgery.
Updated: 02-02-2017 Reviewed by: Dr. Luis Miguel Clemente Ramos, specialist in Urology,
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